Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Late last Thursday the first raptor release took place at the 
Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston MA

 Jessica Zorge of our Bernice Barbour Wildlife Clinic brought a feisty little Saw-whet Owl that spent 2 weeks at the clinic after being found at a construction site in Worcester MA. She and Shalin Liu stand in front of the sanctuary's beautiful 
Trail House prior to the release.

Shalin and Jessica take a quick look at the owl.

Then it's out to the woods to release the Saw-whet.

He didn't stop to say "Thank You", 
his health and freedom are thanks enough.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Kaitlynn Levine (V’16), Amber Goodwin (V’16) and Cara Sammons (V’16) keep a close eye on the screen while Dr. Wade Tenney performs an ultrasound during their
 Large Animal Ultrasound Lab.

 Heidi Rivadeneyra (V'16), Vanessa Rubin (V'16) and Melissa DiFrancesco (V'16) watch as Diagnostic Imaging Resident Dr. Stacie Aasvold performs an ultrasound on Vermont during the same lab.

Lord Stanley, “the Lover”, at the Foster Hospital for 
Small Animals.

Samantha Corrado (V’15) assists during surgery in the 
Hospital for Large Animals.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There is indeed a Chicken under that puff of Feathers - this Fancy Chicken is in the ZCAM Department of 

 Someone knows exactly how cute they are...

 Portia is enjoying breakfast in the paddocks of 

 Salem is looking handsome in B-Ward.

Emergency/Critical Care Resident Dr. Meghan O'Rourke Vaught watches as Small Animal Medicine Resident Dr. Gideon Daniel and Dr. Claire Sharp work together to remove a foreign body from a patient during surgery.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Students in the entering Class of 2018 spent a sunny day at orientation, part of which were team building exercises.

Frank Romano (V'16) instructs his group on the "Star" exercise".

The group forms a star out of a loop of rope..

then fill in a star diagram with what they agree are the five most important qualities for a team code.
Here Dr. Sandy Ayres explains that part of the exercise to another group.

A couple examples of the completed diagrams. 

 Dr. Kristine Burgess loves the photo bomb.

 The "Ball Toss" involves the group tossing first one, then another, and another and another and another and another ball in specific order to other group members. The exercise is designed as an example of multitasking.

The group discussed the effects with Facilitators afterward.

 The "Magic Carpet"; the group has to work together to flip the "carpet over while still standing on it.

In "Traffic Jam" one line has to pass by the other and maintain the same position in line - all while only 
making one "jump" at a time.

In "Helium Stick" the group has to work together to sit down while each of them maintain contact (with both hands) on the stick. It's name comes from the natural impuls to raise and not lower during the exercise.

"Blind Confusion".

Friday, August 22, 2014


The week that was...

 Alexandra Mosel (V’15) knows that blind Found Bys need love and this one needs that and a home.

 Vegas, who the staff refers to as “the miracle horse”, loves to get hugs and Allison Prokop (V’15) is happy to oblige.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker was brought to the Wildlife Clinic for care.

 Cows lie down - rain in the forecast.

An Osprey with an injured foot at the Wildlife Clinic.

 The Osprey's damaged foot gets treated.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert McCarthy, assisted by Resident Dr. Harpreet Sinhg and Andrea Sullivan (V'15) during an arthroscopic procedure - it looks like they aren't the only people interested in the case.

 Meet the first Painted Turtle hatchling at the Wildlife Clinic.

Panda the pretty Dachshund...

likes to get her but scratched.

 This bunny is ready to be released. When a bunny is the size of a tennis ball they are "on their own". If yo come across a bunny this size, they aren't abandoned, they are essentially "adult".

 Kurley is a bit nervous before his appointment in the Dermatology Department, luckily his owner is there to comfort him with a reassuring hand on the back.

Shailey DeVito (V'15) reviews a patients case history prior to their appointment.

 Everyone at the Harrington Oncology ward loves Phoebe.

 Georgie isn’t crazy about getting a bath, but it does look like she enjoys the scratching.

 Gus is here to help the students with a neurological exam demonstration.

Too cute!