Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The students, in conjunction with the 
Shelter Medicine Program as well as dental professionals donating their time, take part in a Dental Lab selective in the Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic where they preform dental exams and procedures on dogs from 
local animal shelters. 

Take a moment to see how former student, 
now Dr. Rene Hartshorn, talk about how her experience at 
the Cummings School and this Dental Lab, shaped her 
interests in Veterinary Dentistry field. 

Friday, February 6, 2015


Superstar blood donors Kai and Steve.

Elyse Cherry (V’17) enjoys the company of Leicester 
during her Cardiology Lab.

Intern Dr. Brent Aona instructs Kyle Black (V'17) on where 
to take Mayday's femoral pulse in the same lab.

Cardiologist Dr. Vicki Yang also likes spending 
time with Leicester.

Chillin' in B-Ward of the Foster Hospital for Small Animals.

Jacob Froehlich (V’18) pays close attention 
during his Anatomy Lab.

Chelsea Van Thof (V'18) consults her 
anatomy text in the same lab.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


A Coopers and Red-tail hawk were released after successful recuperation at the 
Bernice Barbour Wildlife Clinic.

Ross University Student Kerry Gainor carries the box used to transport the Red-tailed hawk out of the Wildlife Clinic to release; Laura King (V'15) has the Coopers hawk in a separate box.

Laura trudges through the recently fallen snow to 
release the Coopers hawk.

 Laura and Wildlife Medicine Resident Dr. Piya Patel watch as the Coopers hawk bolts right out of her box.

Kerry releases a Red-tailed hawk that seems to want to hang around,  Dr. Patel did say that it isn't uncommon for a Red-tailed to wait a bit before taking off.

Go to our Facebook page to see the eventual take off.

Monday, January 26, 2015


The Class of 2017 had their Diagnostic Imaging Lab at the Alden Lab in the Loew Veterinary Medical Education Center.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


A Peregrine falcon at the Bernice Barbour Wildlife Clinic, while considered health, isn't quite ready to strike out on her own; 
enter a Falconer.  

 Falconer William Johnston watches as Dr. Tom French of  MA Fish and Wildlife selects the proper identification band for the falcon; Dr. Florine Tseng observes while Wildlife 
Technician Paula McCarthy ably holds the bird.

 The selected band is placed by Dr. French.

 Now William places his own band, that will allow him to "leash" the Peregrine during its training making sure it won't interfere with the other band or cause any discomfort.

 The hooded Peregrine gets use to perching 
on the Falconer's glove.

All Set!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Colby visited the dermatology Service at the 
Foster Hospital for Small Animals.

Colby doesn't mind being checked out, especially 
in his favorite hang out.

Maureen McDermott (V'15) hold Colby while Ross Student 
Rosalie Hezekiah examine his itchy paws.

Dermatology Resident Dr. Christine Zewe is 
quite taken with Colby.

Rosalie keeps Colby's attention while Dr. Zewe and 
Dermatologist Dr. Lluis Ferrer examine Colby.

Dr. Ferrer completes the examination.

Maureen can't resist a smooch.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Members of the Class of 2018 visited the Sheep Barn at the Cummings School Farm during their Clinical Skills Rotation.

Many of the ewes on the farm are currently pregnant and 
lambing season is fast approaching.

Stephanie Bertrand discusses what the class will be
 doing with the ewes and why.

The ewes need to enter the shoot so that the students 
can harness, and vaccinate them.

Stephanie shows Jaqueline Lasley (V'18) how to harness the ewe.

Stephanie describes the process called "crutching" which prepares the pregnant ewe's for the upcoming lambing season.

 Herdsman Scott Brundage watches closely as Amanda Nee (V'18) performs the "crutching" procedure.

 Stephanie makes sure this ewe can see so she gives 
her a quick trim up top.

 Shanna Privatsky (V’18), Victoria Raschke (V’18), 
Melissa Lange (V’18) and Julia Reagan (V’18) pose pose post procedure.

 Scott regales the group with some of his 
more colorful farm related stories.