Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Students, faculty and staff gathered outside of the Agnes Varis Campus Center to celebrate Earth Day with the planting of a tree.

Greg Fazio puts the finishing touches on a rather large hole that will be the new home of a Pear tree that is to be planted
in honor of Earth Day.

Mugs were given out, so stop using paper and Styrofoam.

Dr. Vicky Yang really likes her new mug.

Joe Chilton, Head of Facilities, spoke to those gathered
to view the planting.

Skip Bigelow, also of the Facilities Department, listens intently.

Joe gets a chuckle as Nancy Meyer tells him that the tree will be named "Joe" in honor of his impending retirement.

Dominic Mariano, of Facilities, and Pete Tanks, of MA Tree and Stump Removal, get ready to plant the tree.

Students faculty and staff watch as the tree is lowered
into its new home.

Jim Phillips, of the Cummings School Farm, operates the
tractor to assist with the planting.

Pet and Dom prepare the root ball.

Betsy Byrum from the Tufts Office of Sustainability says a few words about the day and the event.

Yeah, mugs!

The crew back fills and staked the young tree.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Tomorrow, Southwick's Zoo is celebrating it's first week open to the public this season, we thought we would share some photos of some of the patients that have been treated here at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals and

A Lemur.

A Monkey.

 Aussie the Joey.

 A Wart Hog.

(http://vet.tufts.edu/mediaservices/gallery/tiger09/TigerTCSVM.htm) the Bengal Tiger.

Taja (http://vet.tufts.edu/mediaservices/gallery/Taj/taja.htm) 
the Bengal Tiger.

Molly the Giraffe.

A Lion cub.

 Rocket the Giraffe.

 Daisy the Giraffe.

 Levanna the Lioness.

 Rufus the Joey.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Rufus, the Joey, from Southwick's Zoo, was a big hit when he visited Dr. Jennifer Graham of the ZCAM Department at 
the Foster Hospital this week.

Rufus seemed more interested in taking a nap 
in his comfy pouch.

Tim, a Zookeeper with Southwick's Zoo, shows Dr. Graham 
the interesting feet of a Kangaroo.

Tim answers Dr. Grahams questions while Rufus 
sucks on his "binkie".

Erika Beck (V'14) tries her best to weigh the energetic Rufus.

Brittany, also of the Southwick's Zoo, holds Rufus while Dr. Graham performs and examination; Erika lends a hand -
 a second hand to be exact.

Michael McEwan (V'14) wants to double check Rufus' weight using a larger scale with the same results. 
Better safe than sorry.

Monday, April 14, 2014


A Snowy Owl with a broken wing gets anesthetized for a bandage change, a checkup and a radiograph at the 
Bernice Barbour Wildlife Clinic.

 Leah Reily (V'15) and International Student Thorsten Rich tend to the owl.

 Dr. Maureen Murray removed the bandage from the damaged wing.

 Grace Barnett (V’15) takes this Snowy Owl’s pulse.

 Amanda Lopez (V'15) takes a turn checking the owl's general well-being.

 Jessica Zorge takes a turn examining the bird.

 Time to wake up.

Friday, April 11, 2014


 This Beaver in the Wildlife Clinic is eager to get his breakfast.

 Michelle Newton (V’15) pays close attention to Ophthalmology Resident Dr. Kara Gornik during surgery in O.R. 5 of 
the Foster Hospital.

 Who doesn't like a smooch from Mom?

 A female Turkey is spending some time at the Wildlife Clinic after an unfortunate “meeting” with a car.

Ping isn’t exactly enjoying the e-collar she needs to wear.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Members of the Class of 2014 & 2015 work together with a life sized (and weighted) articulated horse from Nevins Farm Equine Rescue (MSPCA) to complete a mock emergency situation.