Thursday, January 30, 2014


Norm Smith of the MA Audubon Society brought a Snowy Owl to the Bernice Barbour Wildlife Clinic. Norm was called to collect the  raptor from Logan International Airport 
with an injured wing.

 Technician Karen Donahue hold the owl while 
Dr. Maureen Murray examines the bird.

 Norm takes a look at the Snowy Owl's wing as well.

 Then Dr. Murray performs an ophthalmic exam.

 Jess Zorge assists Karen so they can get an initial radiograph.

Dr. Murray creates and will attach this tail protector; all raptors need this while they are in tight quarters so as to not injure their tail feathers that are so important to flight.

Dr. Cristin Kelly watches as Dr. Murray begins 
to treat the wound.

 Cecilia De Souza (V'14) administers fluids.

 Jocelyn Burke (V'14) feels the birds' fur like 
feathers that cover her feet.

Everyone else takes a quick feel.

 The Snowy Owl needs this insulation to withstand 
the -80 degree temperatures of the Arctic.

After all that, the owl is placed in her temporary "home".

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